The greatest threat to New York's environment in decades

Clear streams, lush forests and rolling farmland define much of New York. But the rush to drill for gas in the Marcellus Shale threatens our environment and communities.

Ravaged forests, contaminated water

Next door in Pennsylvania, we’ve seen drinking water contaminated, waste spilled into rivers and streams, forests trampled by drilling rigs and trucks, and air pollution levels spiking near drilling sites. Pennsylvanian gas drilling has generated 1.3 billion gallons of wastewater that is loaded with toxic chemicals, corrosive salts, and sometimes even radioactive particles. We cannot risk our beloved rivers, streams, forests and fields to fracking.

Watch the videos to learn more about what could be in store for New York if the state moves ahead with drilling.

Will state officials protect our environment and our health?

Incredibly, Gov. Cuomo is moving quickly to allow drilling in New York—without doing critical research on the environmental and health effects. In Pennsylvania, a similarly reckless approach to drilling has led to:

  • More than 3,500 violations by the gas industry since 2008; 
  • Drinking water advisories each year for more than 325,000 residents near Pittsburgh; and 
  • Explosions and accidents that have put local families and workers at risk. Environment New York is bringing people together from all walks of life to speak out against drilling. 

With your support, we can protect New York’s forests, rivers, and drinking water for future generations.

Together we can win 

Your activism and our advocacy are a powerful combination — in 2010, it convinced then-Gov. David Paterson to set the nation’s first temporary moratorium on drilling. We need you to get involved if we’re going to stop Gov. Cuomo’s plan once and for all. If enough of us speak out, we can ensure that New York will stay protected from drilling. Join our campaign by sending Gov. Cuomo a message today.

Drilling Updates

Report | Environment New York Research & Policy Center

Fracking by the Numbers

Over the past decade, the oil and gas industry has fused two technologies—hydraulic fracturing and horizontal drilling—in a highly polluting effort to unlock oil and gas in underground rock formations across the United States.

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News Release | Environment New York Research & Policy Center

New Environment New York Report First to Quantify Threat of Gas Drilling

Today, a new Environment New York Research and Policy Center report called “Fracking by the Numbers” measures the damage being done by dirty drilling across the country for the first time. The report comes as the Cuomo Administration is deciding whether to allow fracking in New York. Although many leases have been signed and are pending the state’s approval, the report is the first study of its kind to measure the footprint of fracking damage to date—including toxic wastewater, water use, chemical use, air pollution, land damage and global warming emissions.

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News Release | Environment New York

House Subcommittee Guts Parks, Clean Water, and Climate Protections

This morning, the House Appropriations Subcommittee on Interior, Environment, and Related Agencies moved to slash the FY 2014 Interior and Environment Appropriations budget by 18 percent.

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News Release | Environment New York

Anti-Fracking Campaigns Surround New York

Wednesday citizens in yet another neighboring state - Massachusetts – called on their legislators to ban the processing of fracking wastewater.

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